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Monday, November 9, 2009

Murder at Midnight (circa 1975): The Home Movie


Courtesy of Sigmeyer, a.k.a. Eric Brown

While I'm away, the mice DO play.

My son Eric dug out an old family movie, re-edited it, and posted it on YouTube. In the film, he's the cute little four-year-old boy who plays Cuthbert, the hero. The curly hair was a wig, thank goodness. Probably saved me thousands in therapy bills. The kid actually had straight puddin' bowl hair, in the style of the 1970s.

Eric in 1978. He was eight years old. I don't know why he looks so sad.
Photograph by Richard Semple.


It's difficult to believe, but that film is nearly 35 years old, but I'm happy to report that all the actors are still around and doing well (The oldest actors were only in their 40's but made up to look older).

Jeff Brown, the director, was my husband then; we're still friends, but now we're both married to other people, I to Jerry and he to Casey, who must find this movie very strange. As they say, life goes on. We were two people who married too young.

I played the ditzy maid. The YouTube screen shot is of me. I don't know how YouTube chooses the screen shot (Eric says he had nothing to do with the selection), but I'm definitely not the "star" of the movie. I remember that silly dress; it was a real dress that I actually wore in public. What was I thinking when I bought it? Well, barcaloungers were also the rage back then.

It was kind of cool when Eric Skyped me today and told me he had downloaded the film to YouTube. Sometimes, I get a bit homesick here, and the internet helps keep me in touch. I can't help but feel a little nostalgic, for we had a lot of fun making that film--we were just so young and crazy, with lots of energy.

If you're interested in such things, the entire cast of the movie is here.

None of us are famous; we just did this movie for fun. My ex loved playing around with film.

And, yes, even then, we knew it was camp.

It's rain, rain, rain in Skopje.

Yesterday, I went out with Lile Ordev for Sahlab (another recipe here), which is quite good, especially on a wet, chilly night.


I tried to fix up the screen shot a bit, but it was so poor quality that all I could do was to create something slightly artistic.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Salvador Dali Exhibit at the National Institution Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia


Salvador Dali Exhibit Program, designed by Krste Gospodinovski

"Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy -- the joy of being Salvador Dali -- and I ask myself in rapture: What wonderful things is this Salvador Dali going to accomplish today? Every morning when I awake, the greatest of joys is mine: that of being Salvador Dali." --Salvador Dali

"I'm an exhibitionist. Life is too short to remain unnoticed." --Salvador Dali

(Quotes are from the program,)


I enjoyed a wonderful outing with the Cvetkovskis (Vlado, Olivera, and Mary) today; we went to the Salvador Dali exhibit, which opened at the National Institution Museum of Contemporary Art on October 19 and runs through December 19.

Most art aficionados are familiar with Dali's famous melting clocks and bright (yet dark) colors and neo-surrealism themes, but this exhibit shows a less familiar side of this flamboyant man: his obsession with Dante, angels (albeit their darker and baser side), Purgatory (a very Catholic notion), and Mars (I saw at least two self portraits of Dali on Mars). There was also the pre-requisite rendition of St. George and the Dragon (Artists seem to love jolly old St. George).

What was most interesting to me was the collection itself, which spoke volumes about the collector. All were prints, with the same print number (something like 2901/4765), which means that the collector must have bought all the prints at the same time. In addition, they were all framed with the same style of frame and matte (although this design could have been the plan of the curator who installed the exhibit).

My Ticket

As a collector of modest means, I prefer the eclectic over any obsession with any one artist. My own walls back in the states offer a bit of this and that (a lot of Macedonian artists, along with paintings found in New Orleans, at auctions, and thrift stores). While I find Dali's work interesting and worthy of a solo exhibition in a museum, I seriously doubt if I could hang onto my sanity if my walls were filled with Dali prints. I'm not quite sure what to make of a collector who makes Dali his life's work.

After the exhibit, I bought a Dali poster and then filmed some footage of the city from the hill where the museum is located with the Flip video camera. One can see the new U.S. Embassy from this hill.

It was a gorgeous Fall day, bright yellow leaves and blue skies.

After the museum, we all went to the new Tinex on Vasil Gorgev. I really didn't need much, but I did pick up some fresh bread, dried and sweetened ginger bits, dried papaya, sunflower seeds, and a bottle of Zolta (rakija), which Vlado recommended for my liquor cabinet (such as it is).

I invited them to meze (American style) on Friday. Maybe I'll make some lentil spaghetti.


The Back Cover of the Program